Quiz: Hinduism facts and trivia

Information on practices and beliefs and a Pop Quiz

How well do YOU know your Hinduism facts and trivia? Hinduism is a very different religion from Christianity and Islam. It’s more of a collection of traditions than a single whole. That made it difficult to make this quiz.

I’ve come up with 10 questions though that are, I hope, neither too hard, nor too easy and that do Hindu spirituality, tradition, sanatana dharma and religion justice.

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My source for this pop quiz

I studied Hinduism and India in college, but to come up with doable questions for this pop quiz was not easy. So I turned to one of the first books I had to study: Gavin Flood’s An Introduction to Hinduism. He goes into many details, many scholarly nuances, but he also covers the main aspects of Hinduism.

I extracted from his book what I thought was an essence that would fit a quiz like this.

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My visit to India

Winter 1997 – 1998

I went to India one year when I was in my twenties. I played it safe: I stayed at the compound of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu.

Still, it was a great experience. Hard beds, cold water, Indian food – though fortunately not too spicy. I rose early and from a northern European background it was disconcerting to find that the sun rose at 6 and set at 6 too – despite the hot weather. But it makes sense: India is at the equator.

I quickly found that the shorts I had brought were hardly suitable. I was stared at for my ‘naked’ legs. So I bought local cloths. Nobody would talk about them in their local terms, so I don’t know what they’re called. Anyhow: a long sleeved dress with a wide set of pants underneath. I still occasionally wear the most pretty one to fancy parties. Looking at pictures of Indian cloths recently I’m pretty sure the current fashion is more sexy: more closely fit to the body and more naked skin.

What I saw of Indian religion can be summed up pretty quickly. There’s a theosophical version of the Puja that’s performed every morning in the Hindu temple on the Theosophical estate. Puja is a word that encompasses a lot of devotional rituals. This one contains a lot of Chanting. I found it was not my thing. Instead I made a daily walk to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Unfortunately it looks like that ritual will soon be less enjoyable because a high way is to be built.

I also went to see a Sai Baba temple and one that was devoted to Shiva. In the Shiva temple there were people about worshiping the Linga – an oblong rock. The Sai Baba place was empty but made an impression with the symbols of the main world religions on it’s facade.

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One thought on “Quiz: Hinduism facts and trivia”

  1. If you read Bhagavad Gita you know all about hinduism.In Sanata dharma godess called ‘Devi ‘ which teaches us to respect female this is the beauty of Hinduism . Ramayana , Mahabharata etc teaches many aspects of life ..
    People’s belong to any religion Sanatan dharma teaches to respect all religions.
    People’s in their life must read Bhagavad Gita because it teaches many things.

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